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Joey and Rory Share Last Dance

“In his most recent blog post, Joey + Rory‘s Rory Feek revealed that his wife, Joey Feek, “can no longer get out of bed” due to the advancement of her terminal cancer. However, on the last day that she was

National News

Boston Bomber Lawyers Want New Trial

Lawyers for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are heading to court to urge a judge to grant him a new trial. Judge George O’Toole Jr. is scheduled to hear arguments Tuesday in federal court, but only on the

Newborn Baby Found Buried Under Bike Path

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies discovered a newborn baby girl, abandoned an buried alive along a bike path in Compton, on Friday. Los Angeles County deputies found a baby girl buried alive in a riverbed next to

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The King on Black Mamba Retirement

The James vs. Bryant “rivalry” was massive for fans of each player, but the on-court competition unfortunately never reached the level of other legendary NBA player rivalries like Larry Bird against Magic Johnson. LeBron regrets never facing Kobe

Dodger$ Owner$ Pay$ Lot$

The Los Angeles Dodgers will pay a record $43.7 million luxury tax penalty after finishing the 2015 season with the largest payroll in baseball history at $298.3 million, according to salary information obtained by USA TODAY Sports. Details of