Country News

Chris Janson Performed ‘Holdin Her’ at the Opry

“Both Chris Janson‘s funny and sensitive sides are portrayed in a video filmed backstage in the Opry Lounge at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. Before he begins to perform his poignant new single “Holdin’ Her,” which details his

Blake Shelton Reveals Gwen Stefani Saved his Life

Blake Shelton talks about how Gwen Stefani saved her life. He talks about how their romance formed. The break-up of both their marriages caused them to come together. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/AmvMlG0kNW4/mqdefault.jpg Blake Shelton: “Gwen Saved My Life” Via www.youtube.com

National News

It Is Trump!

Trump has reached the required 1,237 (as of press he has 1,239) and will easily add to that in the coming primaries June 7. President Obama underscored world leader concerns when he said Thursday that the leaders at the Group of

Shooting at NYC Concert

One person was killed and three others were wounded because of a shooting inside a New York City concert venue where T.I. was scheduled to perform. Deadly shooting at NYC concert hall Via www.bbc.co.uk 05/26/2016 12:36 AM

Sports News

Peyton To NOT Sue Regarding HGH Story

When a stunning report from Al Jazeera emerged before the Super Bowl implicating Peyton Manning in an HGH scandal, the then-Broncos quarterback WAS adamant he would sue the news network. Brennan: What’s latest on NFL investigation into

Pats Re-Enter Deflategate Legal Process

The New England Patriotsjoined the latest “Deflategate” appeal to support Tom Brady on Wednesday, taking sides with their star quarterback in court for the first time. Patriots ask appeals court to rehear ‘Deflategate’ case Via www.usatoday.com Patriots file brief in